Quality Assurance

Our products from raw materials to finished product shipments have to go through:

1.IQC incoming sampling  10. Assemble the initial test
2.AI process inspection 11. Aging test
3.SMT first intelligent inspection 12. Common mode voltage test
4. SMT AOI check 13. High-voltage leakage current test
5.DIP process inspection 14. Packaging integrated ATE test
6.DIP AOI check 15.CCD appearance automatically check
7. semi-finished electrical testing 16. appearance of the second full inspection
8.IQC semi-finished product sampling 17. Intelligent scanning system full inspection
9. Assembly process inspection 18.QA sampling,

A total of 18 inspection procedures to ensure product quality!

The quality of all our products is UL, ETL, BQB, CE / FCC, PSE, Z-WAVE and RoHS certification.

All of our products are available for one year warranty