Wisdom manufacturing

  The company's manufacturing process strength; has a number of power industry practitioners for more than 10 years of industry elite, covering production, engineering, quality, research and development of the entire manufacturing system; production line key job automation coverage of more than 85%, with industry-leading online automatic point Glue, automatic on-line automatic soldering machine, online ultrasound and laser carving automation equipment, online high voltage, electrical and common mode test one of the automated test system, online CCD optical intelligent detection equipment; most of which have been or are reporting national patents; Of the production and testing equipment coverage of 100%, can be compatible with a variety of fast-charge agreement of the high-end intelligent aging counters, and so on, all of our materials out of the production process and U8 + ERP system and MES system full follow-up and control Customers provide customized, on-demand, proactive, transparent, and credible intelligent manufacturing services.