R & D is an extremely important part of all value systems, and this is the most basic in Kunxing
Kunxing is a high-tech enterprise, composed of a highly educated and innovative ability of the R & D team, Kun Xing's R & D team consists of 30 or so engineers. The specific job responsibilities are to meet the customer requirements of the ID design, structural design, circuit design, performance debugging, DQE design verification, PCB LAYOUT design, safety certification.
R & D capabilities
The end-to-end LOT solution provides devices, gateways, cloud platforms, and IOS / Android applications.
Rich homeKit and Z-Wave aspects of intelligent home development experience, including protocol stack, product definition and product certification.
The wider power equipment, from 5W to 72W adapter, fast charge, power transmission, and have reached the UL / ETL, CE / FCC certification standards.
Professional sound mechanical development, solid hardware development - high-quality 20DB audio equipment such as headphones, speakers and so on. The
10Gpbs high-speed and 6-8 layer layout development, long-distance transmission, 16 * 32 large capacity matrix to 4K * 2K high-resolution transmission.

Intellectual Property Center
■ patent: 2 invention patents per year, more than 5 practical models of patents, more than 10 design patents;